Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She was born on June 10, 1895, in Wichita, Kansas, and passed away on October 26, 1952, in Los Angeles, California. McDaniel is best known for her groundbreaking role as Mammy in the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind,” for which she became the first African American to win an Academy Award.

McDaniel had a successful career in the entertainment industry, primarily appearing in films and on radio. However, she faced significant racial barriers and was often typecast in stereotypical roles as a maid, servant, or other domestic worker. Despite these limitations, she managed to bring depth and complexity to her characters and became a respected figure in Hollywood.

HATTIE McDANIEL ( 1892 – 1952 ) receive from actress FAY BAINTER ( 1893 – 1968 ) the Oscar Award, at the 1939 12th Academy Awards, for her role of MAMMIE in the movie GONE WITH THE WIND

In addition to her acting career, McDaniel was also a talented singer and performed in various venues, including nightclubs and theaters. She recorded several blues songs and was the first African American woman to sing on the radio in the United States.

McDaniel’s Oscar win for her role in “Gone with the Wind” was a significant milestone in the film industry’s recognition of African American talent. However, it also sparked controversy due to the racial climate of the time. Many criticized McDaniel for accepting roles that perpetuated racial stereotypes, while others recognized her achievement as a breakthrough for African American actors.

Vivien Leigh (1913-1967), the British actress, has her corset tightened by Hattie McDaniel (1892–1952), a US actress, in a publicity still issued for the film, ‘Gone with the Wind’, 1939. The drama, directed by Victor Fleming (1889-1949), starred Leigh as ‘Scarlett O’Hara’, and McDaniel as ‘Mammy

Throughout her life, McDaniel faced racial discrimination and limited opportunities due to systemic racism in the entertainment industry. Despite these challenges, she left a lasting impact on Hollywood and paved the way for future generations of African American actors and performers.

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