George Alexander McGuire

George Alexander McGuire (1866 – 1934) was an African-American bishop and religious leader, best known for founding the African Orthodox Church (AOC). He played a significant role in the early 20th-century African-American religious movement and advocated for the establishment of an independent black church.

McGuire was born in Sweets, Antigua, in the British West Indies. He moved to the United States in 1891 and began his religious journey in the Episcopal Church. After ordination, he became the rector of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. In 1919, McGuire experienced a significant turning point when he was consecrated as the first African-American bishop in the Episcopal Church. However, his vision for a black-led and independent church led to tensions within the Episcopal Church, which ultimately led to his departure from the denomination.

In response to these conflicts and his desire for a separate African-American church, McGuire founded the African Orthodox Church in 1921. The AOC aimed to provide a religious home for black Americans who sought a distinct spiritual identity and autonomy from white-led institutions. The African Orthodox Church was the first black-led Christian denomination founded in the United States. It adopted elements from both Eastern Orthodoxy and Anglicanism, with a liturgical tradition similar to that of other Orthodox churches. McGuire was consecrated as the AOC’s first bishop, and he worked to expand the church’s presence in the United States and internationally.

Over time, the AOC faced internal challenges and disagreements, leading to divisions within the church. Nevertheless, George Alexander McGuire’s efforts in establishing an independent African-American church demonstrated the significance of black leadership in religious matters and provided an avenue for black Americans to express their faith in a culturally relevant manner.

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