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The Daily Record

The Daily Record was a historically significant black-owned newspaper that operated in the United States during the early 20th century. It was based in Wilmington, North Carolina, and was established in 1898 by Alexander Manly, an African American newspaper editor and publisher.

The newspaper gained prominence during a tumultuous period in Wilmington’s history known as the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 or the Wilmington Race Riot. In November 1898, a group of white supremacists, backed by influential local figures and political groups, carried out a violent coup against the city’s biracial government. The incident resulted in the overthrow of the elected officials, who were mostly African American, and the imposition of a white-only government.

The remains of the office of the Black-owned newspaper The Daily Record after it was burned in the Wilmington coup and massacre, November 10, 1898.

The Daily Record was targeted by white supremacists due to its unapologetic stance against racial segregation and its support for African American rights. Alexander Manly, the newspaper’s editor, had published articles that addressed the sensitive topic of interracial relationships. In response to these articles, the white supremacists used Manly’s writings as a pretext to incite violence against the black community.

As a result of the coup and ensuing violence, The Daily Record’s office was destroyed, and Alexander Manly fled the city to save his life. The newspaper ceased publication shortly after these events, and Wilmington remained under white supremacist rule for decades.

The legacy of The Daily Record, however, lives on as a symbol of resistance against racial oppression and the importance of a free press in challenging injustice. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by early black-owned newspapers in their struggle to advocate for civil rights and equality during a deeply divisive and hostile period in American history.

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