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James Henry Anderson

James Henry Anderson was an entrepreneur and activist who played a significant role in African-American history, particularly in the realm of journalism. He is best known as the founder of the Amsterdam News, one of the oldest and most influential African-American newspapers in the United States.

Anderson was born on February 22, 1878, in Wilmington, North Carolina. He moved to New York City in 1904 and began working as a printer and editor for various African-American newspapers. In 1909, Anderson founded the Amsterdam News, naming it after the street in Harlem where the newspaper was located. The Amsterdam News quickly became a vital platform for the African-American community, providing news, information, and a voice for its readers.

Anderson was committed to social justice and used the Amsterdam News as a means to advocate for civil rights and address issues affecting the African-American community. The newspaper covered topics such as racial discrimination, segregation, and economic inequality, while also celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black individuals and organizations.

In addition to his work with the Amsterdam News, Anderson was involved in various other ventures and organizations. He co-founded the Negro Press Association, an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of Black journalists. He also served as the secretary of the Negro Freedom Rally Committee, which organized protests against racial discrimination in housing.

James Henry Anderson passed away on February 6, 1946, leaving behind a lasting legacy in African-American journalism and activism. The Amsterdam News continues to be published today, maintaining its mission of providing a voice for the African-American community and addressing issues of importance to its readership.

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