Claflin University

Claflin University, founded in 1869, is a progressive, independent, liberal arts, co-educational, historically Black institution that is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The university has provided 136 years of loyal service to the Orangeburg community, the state of South Carolina, and the nation in the field of higher education. Claflin University offers 34 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate programs that are intellectually challenging and spiritual. The graduate programs are the MBA, MS in Biotechnology, and M.E.d in Educational Studies in an environment

Claflin was charted and continues to provide educational excellence and prepare students without regard to gender, race, religion, or ethnic origin. It is committed to offering quality undergraduate programs, select graduate programs, and viable continuing education opportunities.

At the undergraduate level, the university ensures that students receive a liberal arts education designed to produce graduates who understand themselves as well as historical and social forces that impact the world. Their academic experiences will include an understanding of religious and aesthetic values in a universal context and a thorough grounding in their chosen discipline. Their education will incorporate the use of technology and exposure to recent scientific developments and inculcate critical thinking and communication skills in order to prepare them for leadership and service in a global and multicultural society.

At the graduate level, students are provided instruction to enhance the analytical and comprehensive research acumen necessary for professional growth and leadership. Continuing education programs create avenues for students to complete educational objectives and develop skills necessary for their professional and personal fulfillment. Undergirding the mission is the University’s commitment to excellence in all its endeavors.

The South Carolina Center for Biotechnology within Claflin University aims to successfully prepare all of its students for quality leadership in government, private sector, and high education, specifically those related to biotechnology industries. Seeking to be varied and interdisciplinary, this innovative program draws its hand-selected faculty and courses from a wide variety of resources and disciplines. Claflin University’s biomedical research center, recognized science departments, and enviable position as geographically near one of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries in the “Research Triangle Park,” places this program at the center of Biotechnology education in the United States.

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