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The Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC)

The Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) is a non-profit organization that has played a significant role in the Watts community of Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1965 as a response to the Watts Riots, which were a series of riots and civil unrest in August 1965 that took place in the predominantly African American neighborhood of Watts.

The riots were sparked by issues such as police brutality, racial discrimination, poverty, and lack of economic opportunities in the area. In the aftermath of the unrest, community leaders, including labor activist Ted Watkins, came together to form the Watts Labor Community Action Committee to address the root causes of the riots and improve the conditions for the residents of Watts.

Ted Watkins

The main goals of the WLCAC are to promote economic development, provide job training and placement services, offer educational programs, and advocate for social justice and community empowerment. The organization has been involved in various initiatives to uplift the community, including offering job training, organizing youth programs, and providing support for local businesses.

Over the years, the WLCAC has evolved and expanded its scope, collaborating with various governmental agencies, businesses, and community organizations to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the residents of Watts. It continues to be a vital force in advocating for social change and improving the quality of life for the community it serves.

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