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Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser

Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser, born in 1850 in Syracuse, New York, was a remarkable African American woman who made significant contributions to education and medicine during a time of racial and gender discrimination. Here is a more in-depth look at her life and achievements: Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser was the daughter of Jermain Wesley Loguen and Caroline Storum Loguen. Her father, Jermain Wesley Loguen, was a prominent African American abolitionist and preacher who escaped slavery himself. He became an influential figure in the Underground Railroad, assisting numerous enslaved individuals in their quest for freedom.

Sarah Fraser grew up in an environment deeply involved in the fight against slavery. Her parents emphasized education, and she received a quality education in both public and private schools in Syracuse. Sarah’s father, being an advocate for education, ensured that his children, including Sarah, received an excellent education.

Dr. Charles Fraser and Dr. Sarah Loguen-Fraser’s pharmacy in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Pursuit of Medical Education: Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser had a passion for medicine and enrolled in the Syracuse University College of Medicine, where she pursued her medical degree. In 1876, she graduated, becoming the first African American woman to achieve this milestone at the university. Her graduation was a groundbreaking achievement, given the prevailing racial and gender biases of the time.

Medical Career: After graduating, Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser began practicing medicine in Syracuse, New York. She worked as a physician, providing medical care to patients in the African American community and beyond. As an African American woman in a predominantly white and male-dominated field, she faced significant challenges and barriers.

Community Activism: Alongside her medical career, Sarah Fraser was actively involved in community activism. She was committed to improving the lives and well-being of African Americans in Syracuse and fought against racial inequality. She worked tirelessly to address social issues and advance the cause of civil rights.

Sarah Marinda Loguen Fraser’s achievements as a pioneering African American woman in medicine and her dedication to community activism are notable contributions to the history of African American women’s empowerment and the fight for equality. Her determination and courage have inspired subsequent generations of African American women in medicine and beyond.

It’s important to recognize the achievements of individuals like Sarah Fraser, as their stories and accomplishments help shed light on the often overlooked contributions of African Americans, particularly African American women, in various fields and their crucial role in shaping history.

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